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this is the idiehl life, according to chelsea

we are a family of four: dad (jeff), mom (chelsea), jackson (3 years old), parker (1.5 years old). we are based in des moines, iowa. or if you ask jackson, he'll tell you that's where our "regular home" is. let me share how we got here. this is the idiehl life, according to chelsea.

in august 2020, jeff + I pretty abruptly agreed to stop waiting for our "someday". instead of continuing to dream of the day we'd pack our bags + show our little ones this beautiful country. instead of waiting to "feel ready". instead of listening to the more rational parts of ourselves, we followed our hearts. we agreed the best things in our life have never happened when we "felt ready". they were big dreams, massive wishes, huge hopes that terrified us. yet, every single time a big dream or wish came true, it was exactly what we'd hoped for.

having kids is a good example of this.

the best advice we ever received prior to jackson + parker's arrival into our lives: "you'll never feel ready". how can you? your life is about to change in ways your solo-self cannot possibly imagine. every piece of your days will be altered. but it's indescribably magical + so worth it, also often times scary.

the ideal I bought into.

I can't speak for my husband, but early on in life, I bought into an ideal. it goes a little something like this: go to college, earn a degree, accept an 8-5 job, get married, buy a house, adopt a dog + cat, have children, live happily ever after. you may be familiar. thankfully, that was the seemingly natural path my life took. but there are a few that feel more obligatory than blessing. like our house in the suburbs. it always felt something we should do: buy a house. once we did, maybe I felt a little tricked. like buying a house would unlock some magical adulting level. it didn't. let's just say if buying a house for your dog is a thing, that's what we did. spoiler alert: the dog doesn't help with any of the upkeep or bills.

this is a classic case of following your brain instead of your heart. doing what you "should" vs. what you "want". there have been a handful of big decisions I've made inspired by my heart. in those moments, l made the unpopular choice according to the general public. but my heart has never steered me wrong. like the time it encouraged me to buy a one-way ticket to new york city to take a chance on love with my now husband. that decision clearly worked out.

do what makes you happy.

I find myself saying "who cares what other people think" a lot more these days. instead of simply repeating it to convince myself, I truly believe it. we were given one life. we should fill it with things, people + adventures that make us happy. for the husband + I, purchasing our travel trailer was one giant leap towards our idiehl life. the one we see in our dreams, feel in our hearts, and now are starting to craft.

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