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the day we changed our adventures forever

after spending years tent camping across the country, our family has doubled in size. we spent a lot of time discussing how we could change things up to accommodate our needs + inevitably our wants. then 2020 hit and turned our lives upside down.

the search began. camper life is soon to be ours. where do we start? popup? hybrid? travel trailer? class c? there was so much to figure out. meanwhile we had literally no idea what we were doing. so much to learn and we could not be more excited.

over several months we wavered from pop up to hard sided camper. went to RV shows, visited dealers, scoured the internet.

fast forward to the best birthday present we've ever given each other... august 29th, 2020.

jackson's quest for bunkbeds was complete.

mom and dad's quest for a lot more windshield time was also complete.

per usual for us, the decision was made abruptly but certainly for all the right reasons. everyone was camping. they couldn't keep new rigs on the lot for long. we lost out on one by 10 minutes. so... we had to act fast.

we went to good life rv to view a Grand Design Imagine XLS 21BHE. with the boys in tow. our minds nearly made up. seconds passed before we realized it was going to be WAY too tight if we're stuck in bad weather inside. mostly with the dog. as we were sitting on the sofa, being run over by our little ones, we look out the window to see another imagine.

the 2800BH. we had briefly seen it at other locations. it was so new to them, you couldn't even see it online yet. we were hooked. we got in there and we both had one of those amazing ah-ha moments. it was the one.

we wasted no time to get out, explore, and learn. so much learning. we've hit a new level of joy and cannot wait to get out there and see what we are capable of. we would love to share our adventures with you, so follow along!

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