follow your heart + learn as you go

IDEAL: i·de·al /īˈdē(ə)l/ satisfying one's conception of what is perfect; most suitable.

this is our ONE life. we want it to be ideal. for us, “idiehl” is surrounded by nature, sitting by a bonfire, breathing in crisp fresh air, filled with laughter, rosy cheeks, a lot of giggles, a whole lot of adventure + being as present as we can in the moment.

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as a family of two, we spent our time tent camping, discovering our love of the outdoors. knowing some day there would be so much more to this.

in 2013, a 16 day road trip across the country, camping in national parks along the way, sparked a whole new desire to see it all. Knowing we would eventually share that love with our littles.

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don't forget about the fur children! lady Eleanor, our 5 year old golden retriever/border collie, is along for all the rides. Sir Rigby, who doesn't appreciate the road as much, will be along for the long trips.

in 2020, amongst the chaos, we made the best decision to get a camper. with only a little time left in the year, we have made every attempt to use our rolling home, as Jackson calls it, and get ready for a big 2021 of finding new adventures across our beautiful country!

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